Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System Review

 Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System Review

Reasons why you may not want to buy the new  Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System.

After seeing the first infomercial for Ninja Kitchen System Limited Edition (1200 watts) i wanted on badly. So I went to every website i could in search of sincere reviews. Every website i went to had decent reviews but i still was not satisfied because i could tell the reviews were from people who did not know what  an awesome blender was. So i left it alone and started looking at other brands of blenders only like Blendtec, Vitamix, and Omega and KitchenAid. I thought i’d wait for a good deal on one of those brands since we are getting closer to the Christmas holidays. While waiting,  Mr. Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System (1500 watts) came along and after much debating i thought i’d go ahead and give it a try to satisfy my curiosity. Well, here is what i found out myself about  Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System (1500 watts); most of it is just not pretty :-

1). The noise coming from Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System is very loud and annoying! The noise echoes because the base has this hallow sound when you knock it; so with 2 HP you can imagine the noise.

2). The center piece (blades) of the large jar is very shaky or wobbly and not firm.

3). You always have to remember to hold the center piece (blades) when you are pouring out your food or it will fall right out with a slight bend of the jar.

4). The way in which the blades are glued to the bottom of the jar is very sloppy and i feel like it can fall off anytime.

5). On 2 occasions i got this burning smell coming from the base.

6). Food gets stuck in the bottom outer corners of both jars and it WILL NEVER come off because of how cheap this is made. It looks very nasty i must say. I wish there was a way to post a pic on this review so you can see what i’m talking about.

7). The only thing that works well on this is the single serve, you will get a smoother texture than you will with the bigger jar. For a smoother texture with the large jar you will have to blend longer and its still not smooth but then again the noise will get to you.

8). This is the best you will get out of the food processor. Here i made some vegan pesto. I have definitely used better and cheaper.

9). Here i tried blending some coconut and it did a pretty good job given that i did not need the coconut to be very smooth. This is how messy the cover gets, so you definitely need to keep the cover on.

I think its obvious but i definitely will not recommend this to anyone. For those of you who fell in love with it, i’m happy you found something you love. So this puts me right back at square one – on the hunt for a good blender.



6 thoughts on “Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System Review

    1. Esse Post author

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for asking. I ended up buying Nutri Bullet and i love it so much. I use it every morning to make my green smoothies and i still use it at night for my husband’s smoothies. I will post a review on it very soon. All the best with your Vegan diet – its the best thing you can do for your health :)

  1. Gabriella

    Initially I was going to buy the Ninja, but saw Dr. Ian Smith’s Emulsifier and purchased that. After a long run around with Customer Service and told instead of 3 weeks it would take an indefinite amount of time to get the product. I went to Facebook page for Dr. Ian and found I was not the only one who experienced this. I sent an email to Dr. Ian that was given on Facebook. I had the Emulsifier within 3 days. After I used it one time, I knew this was not for me and decided to go back to my first choice…the Ninja. I am returning the Emulsifier and have found out that I will have to pay the return shipping charges. In the commercial it said if I returned it within 60 days they would pay the return shipping. So my choice is to pay shipping or keep it and pay for something I will never use as it doesn’t do what was advertised.

    Fast forward…I tried to order the Ninja Mega system on line. I was unable to get the 4 payment plan so I called the 800 number where I was told they could not give the offers on the web site and the person really did not know anything about the product. You could tell he was reading from a script and was rude and insulting. After 10 minutes and at least 20 requests to speak to his supervisor and being interrogated as to why, he finally transferred me to a supervisor who didn’t do anything to help me. I went back to the web site and attempted to order again on my own. So, here is the break down…$179.99 with free shipping, then I chose the two offers $14.99 plus $12.95 shipping. That comes out to $207.93…well, the total came out to $239.33!!! $32 more than it should be!!!

    After the problems I had with the Emulsifier I think ordering this will be more problems that I am willing to put up with. Friends have the Bullet and are pleased with it. I had wanted all of the options and features so I could make pizza dough and ice cream for my grand children and use the large pitcher to make them smoothies and juice, but it is not worth the aggravation.

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